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This emulated version of Wolfenstein 3D supports persistent save data,
so you can save your game and then return to this page later to continue it.

W - Forwards ----- S - Backwards ----- A - Turn left ----- D - Turn right
SPACEBAR - Fire ----- F - Open door ----- SHIFT - Run ----- ALT - Strafe

Use full screen mode to play with the mouse:
LEFT CLICK - Fire ----- MIDDLE CLICK - Open door ----- RIGHT CLICK - Strafe

CTRL+F12 - Increase emulation speed ----- CTRL+F11 - Decrease emulation speed



For these cheats to work on a standalone copy of the game, you need to start it with -goobers as a command-line switch. We've already done that for this browser version.

SHIFT+ALT+BACKSPACE - Activate debug mode - required for the following cheats to work

TAB+W - Warp to any floor (map/level)
TAB+E - Skip to next floor
TAB+G - God mode - invincibility
TAB+I - Weapons, ammo and health boost
TAB+H - Lose health
TAB+P - Pause
TAB+S - Slow motion

TAB+X - "Extra stuff!" (no-one knows what it does)
TAB+Q - Quit game (using it here will just cause the applet to crash)
TAB+F - Show coordinates
TAB+M - Show memory usage
TAB+T - Graphics test
TAB+C - Show object statistics for level
TAB+B - Set border colour
TAB+V - Add VBLs (just messes up animation)



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